The “Coffee Wholesaler”

Uncommon Grounds Coffee Roasters

Our company imports coffee beans from South America and roasts them on site, then distributes them to coffee shops in south west Michigan and the Chicago area. We leased the main floor of Roger Marcy's unit when we started the roasting business. The quality, efficiency, and location of the building was exactly what we were looking for. After leasing for 2 years we found we needed more space. Business was booming. We approached Roger and asked to buy the entire unit, which would give us an office, tasting (sales) room, and plenty of additional storage on the mezzanine over the office and bath. We now have all the space we need. We are very happy with the facility and ammenities we have to run this business. We have what we need to grow the business and feel we have made a solid investment buying here.

Danielle, Warehouse manager


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